Analysis Of ' Loud Music ' And ' The Night Away ' Essay

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Loud music. Drinks. Games. The gathering of friends ready to have some fun. A party brings people together no matter in celebrating a birthday or a job promotion. This is the time of laughter, drinking, and dancing the night away. A group of girls who never met before sparks up a conservation that reveals their past experiences with the opposite sex. Everyone opens up without feeling embarrassed.Women together are willing to share their secrets with no problem at all. Smiles are all round except for one married couple. A sudden cease of the girls’ vivid conversation by an impatient husband puts the wife in an uncomfortable mindset. She mindlessly obeys her husband without any back talk. Her obedience to male dominance echos many wives actions worldwide. Berg’s link between communication and sexuality illustrate society’s gender roles.
A foundation for any relationship from friends to wife and husband is communication. Communication is the glue that holds the relationship together throughout the thick and thin. Both partners have to be willing to express their feelings with the other. Females are more prone towards discussing their feelings rather than the male counterparts. Women tend to talk within a group. Berg opens up the story with a group of women who do not know each other finding common ground between them. She conveys the amount of enthusiasm the women had to get to know each other in the following phrase: “... we needed to be democratic about talking-each of us…

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