Essay about Analysis Of Lorraine Hansberry 's ' The Sun '

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Raisin in the Sun by Lorraine Hansberry describes a drama about an African American family, the Youngers, pursuing the American Dream. The American Dream is having freedom, having the ability to own a house, to have respect, and to support a family. This dream not only creates a problem and a struggle for this family, but opens up new windows and opportunities. This story takes place in the South side of Chicago in the 1950’s, in a cramped apartment building where a family of five lives. Lena is the Mama to Walter Lee Jr. and Beneatha, also she is the grandmother of Travis, and Ruth is her Walter’s wife. Walter thinks he knows what the American Dream is, but he does not, Mama does. Throughout this period of time the Younger family goes through the social, political, and economic climate of the 1950’s affecting Beneatha, Mama, and Walter’s pursuit of the American Dream.
The social, political, and economic climate of the 1950’s affects Beneatha’s pursuit of the American dream. Economically Beneatha and her family are very poor and don’t have enough money to put Beneatha through schooling. Beneatha is unique, she is very poise and powerful. Beneatha wants to go to a medical school to become a doctor to pursue her American dream. But because of gender, males in the society think that women should not be a doctor, but a nurse. For example if a female wants to work in a school she would be the teacher and the male would be the principal. Her brother, just like all men,…

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