Essay about Analysis Of Lorraine Hansberry 's A Raisin

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When Lorraine Hansberry wrote her famous play A Raisin In The Sun back in 1959, which is a period of time after the Second World War, she addressed many topics and problems that the United States and especially African American people were facing in their lives. One major concept that she brings to her play is the concept of home and what it means and symbolizes to the Americans and especially African Americans back in those times. She also brings up two extremely important literary criticisms such as feminism and Marxism. The play gives the reader an idea of how the concept of home was essential to African American. When the movie came out, it complements the idea by providing visual images to the audience which helped them better understand. To African Americans, home is not just a place that they can live in. It represented equality that they achieved by overcoming racial problems that the society had put them in. In this essay I will discuss how Lorraine Hansberry conveyed the concept of home and what it actually meant to African American communities prior to the Civil Rights movement and how the play and the movie helped the readers and viewers understand this concept. I will also discuss how she successfully delivered the feminist and Marxist literary criticisms into her play in an exceptional way. The play chronicles the story of an African American family called the Younger family. The setting of this play is on the South side of the city of Chicago in the…

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