Sister Outsider By Lorde: An Analysis

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When I first decided to read Lorde book entitled “Sister Outsider” I did not know exactly what to expect because I did not do any research on it prior to choosing it. I began reading the foreword and introduction so that I could get background information on the book and what it will be about. From doing so, I found out that Lorde is known for her amazing poetry and being a black feminist. Sister Outsider is a collection of some of Lorde speeches and essays which includes her traveling experiences, presentations, and letters. I began to think about black oppression in the world when I came to this quote in the foreword section of the book, Lorde (2007) stated “As black people…we must move against not only those forces which dehumanize us from the outside, but also against those oppressive values which we have been …show more content…
When I was younger I never understood what he meant by that until I started to get older and see things first hand. Racism and Oppression is still very much alive and in my opinion the justice system is failing black American people. As future social workers it is important to stand up and advocate for what is right. The introduction of the book ended with this phenomenal quote “I am who I am, doing what I came to do, acting upon you like a drug or a chisel to remind you of your meness, as I discover you in myself” (Bereano,1993, p. 15). This quote made me think of myself as an intern, I go to my internship every Monday, Wednesday and Friday to learn and grow from my individual and group sessions. As I am being a vehicle of change for the scholars at Brownsville Academy, I am also learning and discovering different things about myself everyday through my sessions. In order to make a change you must first know what exactly you are fighting for and why you are doing

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