Analysis Of Loraine Hansberry 's A Raisin Essay

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Stuck in the shadows of a shaky marriage, without a place to relax and blow off steam, facing the cruelty of being a colored man in the 1960’s, Loraine Hansberry’s A Raisin in the Sun tells the story of an ambitious family man living in the ghetto without money, trust, or his wife’s support. Ruth and Walter both share dreams to better their lives although Walter may have a very different idea in mind. She focuses on her family first while he dreams of a lifestyle that could possibly work but there would not be any guarantee. Every member of the Younger family has an individual dream but they struggle to attain these throughout the play which suggests that the depression or happiness they face is directly related to their ability to attain these dreams or the failure to attain them. Failure to communicate his ambitions to his wife as well as her lack of interest suggests that possible conflict could arise which is important because it could impede the family structure, possibly turning their world to turmoil. Rising tensions within a cramped living space along with the historical factors constantly hindering the growth of colored communities, causes anxiety within the space which could lead to dominant mindsets when determining the dispersion of money from the incoming insurance check.
The current living situation for the Younger’s not only centers around the historical factors of the time but as well as the cultural anxieties of living in a cramped space. This signifies…

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