Analysis Of Looking For Alaska By John Green Essay

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Literature on the side of the narrator: Miles Halter in Looking for Alaska In the novel Looking for Alaska, John Green narrates through the character Miles Halter, portraying the story and characters from the perspective of an outsider. However, because we have direct insight into Miles’ thoughts and feelings, we are able to sympathize with him and we can relate to him through his internal, emotional confusions about love and friendship. Although I find Miles relatable, he is not a reliable narrator, especially when he is reminiscing about Alaska after her tragic death. While Miles doesn’t always provide us with the most accurate representation of the truth, I believe it is this reason that Green chose to make him the narrator; Miles’ narration gives us a more realistic version of the story. Green’s personal choice of writing the novel from the point of view of Miles, rather than Alaska, allows us to experience the story in a detached, yet personal way and puts the readers on the side of the narrator. As a new student at Culver Creek Boarding School, Miles Halter is instantly immersed in the lively mischief that seems to follow his newfound friends Alaska Young, Chip Martin (the Colonel), and Tamuki Hikohoto. Because it is Miles’ first year at Culver Creek, his rendition of the story is very different from how Alaska or the Colonel would tell it if they were the narrator. Even after building substantial relationships with both Alaska and the Colonel, Miles is still often…

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