Analysis Of Look What You Ve Done By Drake

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“Look what you’ve done by Drake”
Ever since the first time I heard this song I’ve always felt so sad listening. Although he 's talking about his mother it had always spoke to me in a different way as if he was talking about an ex. But then I listened a little closer. The first time I heard this it was a summer night at my cousin 's house and we were all on our way to sleep and in the dark my cousin just plays the song I instantly fell in love with this song it was a legitimately touching tribute to his mother and uncle. This song is great at describing the people who shaped Drake for the man he is today. He explains personal experiences and barriers and does not look for pity in anything. This was one of
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This song opens up feelings and touches deep down on things you never thought of while being a child of a single parent understand why Uncle Steve was just so influential in your life stepping up as a father figure doing things he did not have too. We may not always find time to give thanks to those who deserve it but this songs reminds you that without those people we wouldn 't be where we are today. "Look what you 've done" is a song that symbolizes strength, struggle and appreciation. It is a song that describes a young man’s life and how he reached his success with the help of his family. Billboard noted that “In an open letter to mom, uncle, and bubi, we see Drake at his best: heartfelt, honest over Static Major background vocals, Playa samples and 88 keys.” Drake also includes a voicemail from his grandmother that puts extra sentiment on the song his grandmother tells him how proud she is of him. This was a pure tribute, Drake thanking his family for all they’ve done because he was “Just another kid in a drop top Lexus hoping that I don’t get arrested, just another going through life so worried that I won’t be accepted”. Drake always so worried that he would not be accepted in the hip-hop community because of him priors on Degrassi the teen television

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