Essay on Analysis Of Lois Quam 's Speeches

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Throughout Lois Quam’s speeches one can find ample displays of the use of moods and emotions to convey her messages. She strongly believes that by starting Tysvar she can begin her journey to making cleaner and sustainable environment. Strong positive emotion of excitement and determination is visibly evident when she explained where her focus lies in regards to the green economy: “I want to bring the green economy to reality… I want to focus on areas… where I can make the most difference bringing the green economy to scale.” She expressed positive mood of optimism of the green economy when she implored her audience to: “Think about what we can achieve… think about when our environment is safer and our energy is cleaner…when we too will have our eureka moments, our moments of life-changing and world-changing discovery.”

Cognitive component
Lois Quam’s colleagues and associates have great belief in her ability to vision and leadership. They are motivated by her strong determination to face and overcome any challenges that she will encounter. Her colleagues expect that she will enjoy the same success that she has had as their CEO in her new position in advancing and delivering improved healthcare reform for millions of Americans.
Affective component
Quam’s colleagues at Tysvar realized that the impact of her departure will have on the company, but because of her strong leadership and vision, they will be able to continue the mission set forth during her tenure…

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