Analysis Of ' Lion Grove Garden ' Essay

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One of his works called Lion Grove Garden was created in 1988. It measures 117 inches by 57 inches, which is the largest piece of all of his works. Lion Grove Garden is one of the four famous gardens in Suzhou, and numerous artists have created countless works about it. However, Wu’s work was most unique, because he used dots, lines and planes to create an image of the garden with his own visual language, which uses oil painting to express Chinese aesthetics. The unique appearance of Lion Grove Garden gave Wu Guanzhong the original inspiration for creating his abstract paintings. This piece was successfully purchased at auction for 115 million yuan in the 2011 Poly Auction, which not only reflects Wu’s art recognition, but also represents the highest level of artistic value.
More than four-fifths of the area of the work is the performance of the stone. Furthermore, the dot, line, and plane create the abstract composition. Although the elements in this work are mostly stone, viewers still feel a sense of space rather than feeling uncomfortable. Some circles on the stone and the dots inside the circles give viewers a sense of space and perspective. Water and fish are painted below the stone and on the stone, some pavilions and pines stand there. In the right part of the work, viewers can find a small bridge on the water, and see several people on it. Also, countless people exist in the pavilions, alone or in droves. This work gives viewers an abstract sense of the landscape,…

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