Analysis Of Lincoln And Stephen Speech Essay

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History 1301
Joseph Davey
Oct 30 2016
Slavery in U.S. focusing on Lincoln and Stephen speeches
The African slavery started in North America in 1619 at Virginia. In 1936, American built the 1st slave ship launched from Massachusetts. The proslavery and antislavery had the battle in out frequently with violent outcomes in making the opposition expand to slavery to became the defining issue for the Republic Party. Both Lincoln and Stephen speeches’ had a historical explanation of the United States and analysis of the Kansas-Nebraska Act. Lincoln speech had some significant on the slavery issue. Those who were defending slavery included economics, religion, legality, and history to further their arguments.
Lincoln and Stephen Alexander both delivered speeches about Kansas-Nebraska Act. Stephen in U.S was the architect of legislation which stated that it was of choice for settlers in the new territories on the option to adopt slavery or not. This was the violation of the previous limits that had been used more than 30 years within the Missouri Compromise. Lincoln was a 45yrs lawyer who formed a 1 term congress, he defunct his political career and he formed his base in politics and achieve some principle that shaped his presidency during his passionate repudiation of Kanas Nebraska Act.
Kansas-Nebraska Act began in the 1850s, this is the time when settlers in Kansas and Nebraska requested the congress to give them the territorial status. This raised the question of…

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