Analysis Of Liev Tolstoy's Concept Of Right And Wrong Death

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Based on several of his works, Liev Tolstoy appears to hold some level of favoritism for the nature of death in relation to characters in his novels. He uses death as tool to explore the right and wrong ways of how his characters observe and react to it. I find Tolstoy’s concept of a right and wrong death are based upon the following two factors: the way in which the person initially deals with the death of another person and how have they allowed this person’s death to affect them and how have they grown or what have they done as a result of experiencing this event. Tolstoy clearly shows in his writings that death is inevitable yet simultaneously emphasizes that death’s looming presence should not drive us to view our lives as meaningless. I find that his use of death in many of his writings is merely a tool that shows us how short and important the time we are given to live is; which is why the choices we make should be ones of value and of ethical and moral basis. Tolstoy exemplifies to the reader the differences between right and wrong through the characters in his works, and how their actions, whether they be how a character chooses to die, react to another person’s death, or the meaning they choose to pursuit affects them. In Tolstoy 's works, characters do not die in vain.

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