Analysis Of ' Liar ' By Jim Carrey Essay

1667 Words Nov 24th, 2015 null Page
In today’s society deceptive communication is used constantly; everyone has at least told one lie in their lifetime or said something, but did not mean it. Deceptive communication is how we as people exchange messages and those messages are not completely truthful. Even though deceptive communications seems like a horrible thing to do; some people that use deceptive communication do not have intentions of hurting others feelings. In the movie, “Liar Liar,” Fletcher Reed, played by Jim Carrey, is a great example of someone who uses deceptive communication. In the beginning of the movie it showed how Fletcher told lies in order to get what he wanted. He’s a successful lawyer who has built his career just by solely lying. Fletcher’s son Max makes a wish on his birthday wishing his day would stop lying just for one day, because he’s tired of his dad lying and breaking the promises he made him. Through out the rest of the movie Fletcher cannot tell a single lie, which actually interferes with a big court case he has that will determine whether or not he will get a partnership position in the firm. There is much more to deceptive communication then the words that come out of your mouth; nonverbal communication plays a big role deceptive communication as well. Nonverbal communication has to do with how one will express how they are feeling simply through facial expression and body language. “Nonverbal factors can make the face-saving deception either succeed or fail,” which is…

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