Character Analysis: The Spirit Catches You And You Fall Down

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Lia Should Have been Removed from Her Parents’ Home
In some poor and backward regions, the development of the health care and the social service systems is still incomplete and insufficient. It results that the people in these area can not get medical treatment in time and they are lack of medical sense. Worse, these deficiencies may also contribute to the medical neglact to a child. In addition, the features of religion beliefs and attitudes would be another reason which cause this problem. In the chapter five of the book, The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down, Lia is without necessary medical treatment that her parents didn’t give her the appropriate doses of medications because they didn’t understand the direction or they were unwilling
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Some might consider that it’s so cruel for the Lees and Lia to seperate them and Lia has a strong emotional demand of parents because of the religion. Others might argue that her parents should be taken off the custody and stop the guardianship with her so that she can be treated in a proper way with adequate food and supervision. I think that this action should not be moral judgment but rather are a means to protect children from harm. Actually, it’s benefical for Lia and her parents that Lia is taken away even though it’s a kind of hurt, but Lia can get right treatment and regain health which is most important for the whole family.

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