Analysis Of Lia Should Have Been Removed From Her Parents Home

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Lia Should Have been Removed from Her Parents’ Home
In some poor and backward regions, the development of the health care and the social service systems is still incomplete and insufficient. It results that the people in these area can not get medical treatment in time and they are lack of medical sense. Worse, these deficiencies may also contribute to the medical neglact to a child. In addition, the features of religion beliefs and attitudes would be another reason which cause this problem. In the chapter five of the book, The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down, Lia is without necessary medical treatment that her parents didn’t give her the appropriate doses of medications because they didn’t understand the direction or they were unwilling to. Although the Public Health Nurses and interpreters have tried a
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It caused that they could not understand doctor’s prescriptions or measurement standard. But a more improtant reason should be the religious difference. The Hmong believe even more strongly that doctors should not be trusted and parents, not doctors, are ultimately responsible for deciding the treatment of a child. Because of it, they refused to given Lia pills especially particular kinds which cause diarrhea and serial side effects. For the medicine, the side effects make Lia uncomfortable, that 's what parents hate to see and let their heart break. It’s too difficult for parents to see their children suffering. Ridiculously, they thought these pills will change Lia’s spirit. But it’s also strange that they also gave too much medication sometimes. All these misconceptions result in Lia’s medically diagnosed poor physical development. This poor girl needs the profeesional doctors and nurse to offer appropriate doses of western medications which is effective and direct. She should get right treatment from the medical establishment not her parents

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