Analysis Of ' Let 's Have A Chat ' Essay

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Let’s have a chat
Ernest Hemingway has made a short story where two people try hard to evade a certain topic. This topic the character discuss will forever change both of the characters life for the better or for worse but a slight problem with this Ernest doesn’t give the reader a good idea on what is exactly is going on but only gives the reader a weird title to suggest that what the character are talking about is a very Tough subject. The main theme in this story is communication and the literary terms that Ernest Hemingway uses to bring the theme together and to really show the theme are symbolism, motif, and characterization. Hemingway uses symbolism to give more meaning to characters and also to give you more of an idea to tell this story. Also the author use Motif to tell this story because there are more than one reoccurring subjects that help build the theme. Lastly the author uses characterization to help show what kind of people that Hemingway is writing about also the characterization helps to give you information on the actions of the characters that will also tie in with symbolism.
In the story “Hills like White Elephants” Hemingway uses Motif to help build the theme communication. The motif that are used is the conversation itself. Hemingway doesn’t give the reader to much insight but he does let the reader know the two characters are talking about an operation and the man or American makes this operation sound overly simple, as if the woman or jig can just…

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