Analysis Of Let The Sunshine

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Directors Note
Callum Langdon
What a privilege it is to work with David Williamson on his 2009 masterpiece, Let the Sunshine. I chose to feature it in the 2016 season because it is still relevant especially to young adolescents trying to find their identity and really captures a perfect image of society today. Also because I can relate to the play through personal experience.
The play is set during the global financial crisis and demonstrates the effects of it on one of the couples. Let the Sunshine explores the relationship of two families living in Noosa and Sydney; Toby and Ros – left wing documentary makers and book sellers, trying to point out the flaws in capitalism – and Ron and Natasha – the complete opposite, right wing opinions
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This is shown through the rise of Generation Y and the development of the words yuccie and yuppie in Australia. Generation Y is consisting of many young adolescents born in the early 1980’s and ‘they care less about salaries, and more about flexible working, time to travel and a better work-life balance.’ (Asthana, 2008) This is perfectly demonstrated in the mindset of Emma, as she continuously works long hours for money and her parents respect. Then ultimately comes to a realisation that there is more to life after meeting Rick. Which forces her to question her career and whether to change lifestyle to a one which is less about money and more relaxed. This is also demonstrated in contemporary Australia in studies shown in this article (Asthana, 2008). I believe that Let the sunshine demonstrates this with a great ability that will portray this message across to the audience. Let the Sunshine is also relevant to contemporary Australia, because of Emma being portrayed as a yuppie and Rick being portrayed as a yuccie. These two terms are relatively recent and used mainly for the description of many people from Generation Y. The terms represent opposite views and lifestyle, which in this play was affected by the parents. Although love essentially brings them together and aids them in their search for

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