Analysis Of Les Brown 's Speech Essay

1105 Words Nov 30th, 2016 5 Pages
Often times, people don’t pay much attention to the introduction of a speech. However, the introduction is one of the most important parts of a speech as it may be difficult to get the audience’s attention afterward. Les Brown was able to grab the attention of the audience from the beginning of the speech. How Brown got the attention of his audience was through using an attention grabber. His attention grabber was in the form of a joke that got the audience laughing and chuckling within the first couple seconds of his speech. Also, Brown had a very strong and commanding voice when he spoke and he used this to his advantage to capture and maintain the audiences attention for the entire duration of his speech. Additionally, Brown spoke with a lot of energy and enthusiasm, maintained eye contact and only stood at the podium for a few seconds at a time throughout his speech (to get pointers). These attention getting strategies Brown implemented were successful because it allowed for him to maintain a conversational tone with the audience, which of course allowed for him to be persuasive as the audience was more receptive to his speech.

Another Factor that contributed to the strong instruction Brown had was that he establish the purpose of the speech, letting the audience know why he was speaking to them as well as why it would be worth their time. Brown did a good job at establishing his purpose as he made it clear to the audience that he was only sharing an idea with them…

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