Essay on Analysis Of Leo Burnett Company Is A Great Opportunity

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Question 1
Having the chance to work for the Leo Burnett Company is a great opportunity. I feel many employees come to realize and appreciate this as they work in its fast pace environment that promotes comradery and team work. The company itself is well established and has a vision that drives it to continue to expand and grow, in spite of an environment that is continuously changing with the desire of the consumer. The vision given to the marketing teams is one of building ‘brand belief’, in which each individual and team strives to not only create new and innovative ideas, but also connect with and create a customer who believes in the brand and becomes loyal to the product or company being represented. (O’Neil, Dietz, & Olivera, 2003)
Any given day at the office may turn out be a long one as each employee will potentially be working well over forty hours in a given week. Many will stay late into the night to finish a project. Even with this facet of the job, the work involved is enjoyable, as it allows for the creative growth of each individual as well as the opportunity to strengthen the company’s connection to the client. Teams work closely with each other in order to not only produce what the client envisions, but also incorporate the vision of the company in each project. The pace is fast, and the very nature of the job is competitive, with each company competing with others in order to get each project. Then within the company itself, the competition is focused…

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