Analysis Of Lennie 's ' Of Mice Of Men ' Essay

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Lennie’s Broken Dreams In “Of Mice of Men,” Lennie had many dreams that he believed would come true in the future. Lennie and George traveled everywhere together and always did work together. Men who usually lived this lifestyle were usually portrayed as people who would live like this forever as well as being alone throughout their lives. Lennie felt that him and George were an exception to this stigma. One of Lennie’s dreams that he often reminded George about was the two of them living in a small house on a couple of acres together. Lennie strongly felt that the two of them would achieve this goal and they would have their house after getting Candy to join into the plan. They would add all of their money together from working on the ranch and eventually do what many ranch workers could not do-- buy a small house and own a small farm. An additional dream Lennie had was being able to tend the rabbits he has wanted. Lennie has always loved to pet and touch soft things such as animals, but George would not let him have any animals. Lennie had strength that he was unaware of, so he would always end up killing the animals he petted. In addition, Lennie hoped that he would not cause any trouble at this ranch so his dreams would come true of tending the rabbits and getting a small house with George and Candy. Lennie had to make sure that he would not do anything that would cause him to be forced out of the ranch or else his dreams would not come true. Lennie’s dreams do not come…

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