Finding Christ In Lauren Winner's Girl Meets God

Many different people find Christ in many different ways. In Girl Meets God by Lauren Winner, her twenty-five-year-old self talks about her own journey to finding Christ. Because this is a nonfiction book, this is based on the author’s personal experience. In Girl Meets God, it shows her whole life of religion, how it has changed, and the many things she learns from those experiences. In Winner’s story of finding God, it is different than most. Her father is Reform Jewish and her mother is a lapsed Southern Baptist, but she did her own research to find what she truly believed. Winner became an Orthodox Jew when doing so; later, she truly believed what it means to be a Christian and became one. Winner experiments different types of Judaism and Christianity, but continues to find each purpose.
Winner researches and experiments different religions. Winner is uncertain of what she believes because of the confliction of religion in her life. As Winner thinks back on her life before she became a Christian, she admits, “I remember what I pledged at my baptism and how badly I’ve done at keeping those pledges and I wonder if I dare make them again” (77). She grew up Jewish from her father’s religion, even when she started
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In Girl Meets God, it shows that it is possible for one to follow Christ with the influence of other religions surrounding them. Winner did not have close Christian’s as friends, her best friends were Jewish, but she was always honest in what she believed to herself. This book should be recommended to others because of the confliction of different religions. It is shown God can seek people when they think they are living their best life and have it controlled. No one is living their best life without God, and that is shown throughout the book by showing Winners success, happiness, and fulfillment when she sees the proof of God through Scripture

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