Analysis Of Last Week Tonight With John Oliver

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One of the worst refugee crises since World War II is occurring in Europe now. As the Syrian war continues, refugees leave and try to find somewhere safe. More than 4 million have fled the wars and 1/3 of those are Syrians (Glazer 650). They are trying to escape the terrorists in their own countries. However, one of the biggest issues, that refugees are typically tied to, is the string of terrorist attacks that have been happening lately, such as the bombings in Istanbul and the Paris attack. The attacks and media representation of refugees lead to popular anxiety that helped the rise of anti-immigrant parties in Europe (Glazer 652) and the different ideas on how Europe should be responding to the growing refugee crisis. One of the supporters …show more content…
During the show, Oliver plays a video from FOX news that shows people on a train in France who are shouting “Allahuhakbar” (Last Week Tonight) which means God is great. The newscaster says she’s not saying they’re terrorists however the caption underneath contradicts her statement when it says “Terrorists Inbound?” (Last Week Tonight). The audience begins to understand where Oliver is coming from with his criticism by allowing us to view the video before he makes any comments. Oliver is able to show us how distorted the media is when relaying news to the media. The media is presenting the information in a way that helps to support the popular anxiety of the refugees entering Europe. Oliver disagrees with the way the refugees and Muslims are being presented and manages to correct the sources by proving how they are false or distorted when presenting the information. John Oliver was able to add onto the issue when he finds the video published on YouTube in 2010 (Last Week Tonight), before the migrant crisis started. Oliver establishes his credibility when he does the further research in order to present the correct information to the

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