Analysis Of Last Night By Sharon Olds And Cherrylog Road By James Dickey

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2nd Essay: Responding to Poetry

Poetry mainly describes love, loss, and regret. However, every writer adds his or her own twist. For example, “Last Night” by Sharon Olds and “Cherrylog Road” by James Dickey deals with the same theme but are two different pieces of writing. They explore the theme of forbidden love and use imagery to show the lust between the two characters. In this essay I will compare and contrast the two poems by presenting different examples.

Titles can say a lot about a poem. Although titles can sometimes be misleading, they often establish the setting or portray the tone of the poem. The titles given to these poems are very similar because they establish the setting, but also serve different purposes. “Last Night” details the setting and right away we assume that it is about a one night stand. The title is short and to the point which gives it a dramatic tone. While the title “Cherrylog Road” also deals with the setting but gives a general description of the story. For example, it is presented with a steady tone which makes it harder for the reader to make any accurate predictions. It caught me off guard because from the title I would have never guessed that it was a story that dealt with lust. “Last Night” sounds a lot more lustful.

The writer is responsible for conveying different emotions to the reader in order to address the theme. In “Last Night” Sharon Olds established a fast paced and dramatic rhythm. This presents the poem 's…

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