Analysis Of Larry King 's Interview With An Ice Breaker Essay

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There are many different techniques to a successful interview. Although proper interviews require participation from each of the two parties, it is fair to say a majority of the responsibility lies in the hands of the interviewer. Individual interviewers have their own unique skill set, and those who are proficient are able to adapt to various types of interviewees. Larry King and Tom Arnold are well known public figures who displayed their uniqueness as they each performed information-gathering interviews with Dax Shephard about upcoming movies he was involved in. King and Arnold use very different techniques as they transition from level one questions to level three, there are many factors involved such as their relationship with Shephard prior to the interview. Their personal relationship with the interviewee could be the reason why Larry King’s interview is more professional and topic based, whereas Tom Arnold’s is more conversational and relaxed.
Larry King opens his interview with an ice breaker question that is easily relatable to his interviewees. Tom Arnold takes a different approach as he refers to Dax Shephard’s previous well-known films. Both openings are acceptable, but it is what happens after the initial opening that begins to distinguish the interviews. King follows up his starting question with a probing question based on the answer his interviewees gave him. He makes a point of staying on topic by directly asking for the concept of the film, when the…

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