Analysis Of Langston Hughes 's ' The Harlem Renaissance ' Essay

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Langston Hughes’s faced many challenges growing up moving nine times before settling with his grandmother in Joplin, Missouri. Growing up he had two goals to go to college and become a writer, which he accomplished. However, Hughes also became an advocate for black lives traveling the world, and gaining new influences. Hughes work’s topic varied from everyday struggles, slavery, to major black historic events. Langston Hughes, an instrumental figure in the Harlem Renaissance, gave other races and cultures a glance in the average African-American life and struggles.

John Mercer Langston Hughes was born on February 1, 1902 in Joplin, Missouri. Shortly after his birth, his father left to Mexico to escape racial prejudices, and he and his mother didn’t follow. Upon the realization that being a single mother was extremely difficult, she left Langston with her mother in Lawrence, Kansas. His grandmother, whom had married two abolitionist, and was the first black women to attended Oberlin College instilled black pride in him. Hughes knew his family’s legacy and tried to live up to it.

Upon graduating high school, an 18 year old Langston Hughes traveled to Mexico to ask his father to pay for college, whom he had no relationship with. James Hughes, Langston’s father, was willing to finance his education only if he studied mining engineering. However, Langston was only interested in becoming a writer, and decide to stay in Mexico to persuade his father to still pay for his…

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