Analysis Of Langston Hughes 's Poem Essay

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Close your eyes for just one mere second, then reopening them just as quickly as you had closed them. In a milli-second many things can occur, and in an entire second thousands of things can take place. This is what was occurring to many African Americans in the nine teen hundreds including poet Langston Hughes. From being captured/taken from their homeland, to harsh back breaking slavery, to freedom, and then civil rights. Focusing on American History, the United States has gone through numerous ups and downs since it was founded by the ‘fathers’. Now to this day and age the population recognizes major historical events and takes maybe a day or two out of the entire year to remember significant events that have taken place, such has Martin Luther King Day, or Memorial Day. These days are full of celebration when in reality they were such dark, and terrible times, made for remembrance and reflection. We think about when African Americans where enslaved as if it was centuries ago, forgetting that this country is only a mere some two hundred years old.
Reflecting on an era dating back to the early nineteen hundreds all the way to this day, America is still facing racial and segregational issues, whether some want to deal with it or not, almost a hundred years later and we have still not managed to achieve Martin Luther Kings I Have a Dream speech or Langston Hughes “I, too” poem. Although some might argue that the situation versus black and white have increasing gotten…

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