Essay Analysis Of Langston Hughes 's ' Mulatto '

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Langston Hughes masterfully created a powerful and raw play with his writing of Mulatto. The exposition comprehensively describes the play’s background information, setting, and details of the main characters. The exposition essentially helps the audience to understand the purpose of the play and what each element and character add to the theme. Mulatto takes place during the 1930’s; it is set in the south on a large plantation in Georgia. The majority of the play takes place inside the Big House on this plantation. The following main characters are three-dimensional and significantly add to the conflict in this play.
Colonel Thomas Norwood is a widowed plantation and slave owner in his sixties. He is a stubborn and quick tempered man. Norwood is the father to four mulatto children, although, he denies paternity. Cora Lewis is the Colonel’s black housekeeper and mistress; she is also the mother to his mulatto children. Cora is a timid and submissive woman. She is grateful for the position in the Colonel’s household, therefore, she keeps her head down and is obedient, while encouraging her children to do the same. It is apparent that she loves her children and wants the best for them. William Lewis is their oldest child. He is uneducated and behaves similar to his mother, in that he keeps his head down and does what he is told. The younger son Bert, however, maintains the temper and stubbornness of this father. He is educated and strong willed. Bert has a great deal of…

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