Essay on Analysis Of Langston Hughes 's Harlem

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Langston Hughes: Harlem
In his poem "Harlem", Langston Hughes provides information about dreams and about what happens when dreams are disregarded or deferred. The author puts emphasis underneath the thought of dreams, and compares them to very specific things in our everyday lives like raisins, festering sores, rotting meat, and heavy loads. He suggests on how dreams can be real as flesh and as crucial as food so we can comprehend the truth of dreaming and the danger of not following up on our fantasies. From here, this essay will discuss the structure of this poem and the imagery involving the dream.
First of all, this poem is a free verse with an irregular meter. I believe this type of form helps the author to say more about the subject without having to follow any rules or restrictions since this poem is composed of 6 questions and one declarative sentence. These questions make us confused because we never tend to get a definitive answer but in the same way, they improve our quest for knowledge by making us think of different ideas that can be related to the answers of the questions. For instance, Hughes states, ' ' Does it dry up/ like a raisin in the sun? ' ' (Hughes 1-
2) In this quote, we don 't have a clear idea of what the author is trying to say but we can suppose that when something dries up, it loses its moisture and it 's water. It tends to shrink and deteriorate little by little. Basically, it makes us think about summer and heat. However, Tom…

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