Essay about Analysis Of Landing Gear System For Civil Aircraft

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Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics
Graduation Thesis Assignment Letter

College College of International Education
Major _ Aeronautic Engineering __
Topic Fault tree Analysis of Main Landing Gear System for Civil Aircraft
Student Name Zeshan Ellahi ID Number191261230
Deadline _______2016.06.08____________
Location __Jiangning District_11501B__
Faculty Advisor Lu Zhong Title Associate Professor

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1 Preface

1.1) Scope
Fault tree analysis (FTA) is a top down, deductive failure analysis where an undesired condition of a system is analyzed using Boolean logic. This examination method is mainly used in the fields of safety engineering and reliability engineering to understand how systems can be unsuccessful to recognize the best ways to reduce risk.

This Handbook is complete understanding of Fault Tree analysis of Main Landing gear of Air buss A320 civil aircraft. Appendix contain Introduction to fault tree analysis and steps to determine the assessments.

1.2) Organization

Section 2 Research on Fault Tree Analysis
Section 3 Applications of FTA in system safety Analysis
Section 4 FTA of Main landing Gear
Section 5 Conclusion

2 Research on Fault Tree analysis

2.1 The Introduction to Fault Tree Analysis
FTA is a deliberate strategy for System Analysis. Examines system from Top to Down. Provide graphical symbols for understanding. Incorporates numerical…

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