Analysis Of Lan Samantha Chang 's ' Hunger ' Essay

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Parents always have a favorite child even if they don 't admit it. In Lan Samantha Chang 's short story "Hunger" Tian and Min have a favorite child. Tian is a musician who moved from China to start his career in New York. Min is from Taiwan but moved to New York to receive an education. They met up one day and eventually got married and had children. Their first daughter was Anna she was nothing special to either of her parents, but she behaved and cared about her parents culture. Ruth, the second daughter, was the opposite she would talk back to her parents and disobey. Ruth might be considered the "bad" daughter in the story "Hunger" because she took advantage of being the favorite daughter, she was attention seeking, she does not want to play the violin, she leaves home before she is old enough and this resulted in a fracture that splits the family permanently.
Ruth has always been Tian 's favorite; he saw himself in her and would do anything for her. From the first day Ruth endeared to her father because Tian saw himself and his family in her. Tian had been disconnected from his family in China when her moved away to start a career in music. He ran away in the middle of the night never to return or to tell his family where he was. Min did not think she looked anything like her side of the family when Tian says "She resembles my family." (p43, Hunger) From this point, Ruth had been the favorite in her fathers eyes because he was able to reconnect with his family back in…

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