Analysis Of ' Lady Feeding The Cats ' And ' The Snow Gum ' Essay

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The distinctively visual has been utilised by composers as a chief tool in order to visualize how images are created and interpreted. Images can also be used as a catalyst of drawing people within a composers’ views and thoughts. These images help shape our understanding of people and events throughout a variety of contexts and interpretations within their place in time. Gary Crew’s short story “The Viewer” and Douglas Stewart’s poems “Lady Feeding the Cats” and “The Snow-Gum” also share these qualities as they explore the various aspects of the development of humanity with the distinctively visual though their attitudes and perceptions or their respective context. ”The Viewer” highlights the issue of humanities naturally primitive nature. “Lady Feeding the Cats” deals with exploring the unjust bias individuals have for the disadvantaged. “The Snow-Gum” draws upon how individuals can empower others to reach to higher or unrealistic depths which may be a positive and negative force for us. Both composers employ the distinctively visual as a key aspect in our understanding of people and events within their texts.
When individuals encounter new ideas, visual aids can help in accelerating ones’ understanding and attitudes towards that idea. An extract of “The Viewer” explores this notion through a boy’s journey throughout history through the use of a viewmaster. The viewmaster opens to multiple slides each representing a period of life, most of which is dominated by images of…

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