Analysis Of Kwame Appiah 's Making Conversation And The Primacy Of Practice

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The year is 2015, the world is diverse and filled with lots of different morals and values. Due to the fact America has become the melting pot of cultures it shows most people have become cosmopolitan. People have become more open-minded and understanding of values other than their own. New technology is responsible for spreading those ideas across the world, which allowed Kwame Appiah’s vision of cosmopolitanism to come back to life because it helped promote social change. Society in the past were very closed minded about cultures other than their own because they were not educated about it, they created judgements based on what they saw. Having a computer in a house was rare, so it was hard people to learn about events that took place. In Kwame Appiah’s “Making Conversation” and “The Primacy of Practice”, he proves how living in a time period filled with modern technology helped imaginative engagement disappear due to conversation, reasoning and social media.
Music is a major form of communication in the modern world, the invention of the radio is the reason for this. Sound can be more expressive than actually exchanging words with another human being because it causes an emotional response. The reaction may be happy, sad or energetic, it just depends on what the listener takes from the lyrics. Imagine living in the 1980’s and 1990’s when the only form of communication is through radio filled with white culture. The hip hop group N.W.A (Niggaz wit Attitude) was a very…

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