Analysis Of Kurt Vonnegut 's ' Harrison Bergeron ' Essay

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Emily Claire Desilva
Ms.Castille – 3rd hour
English IV
14 November 2016 two+two=five In “Harrison Bergeron”, Kurt Vonnegut demonstrates the negative impacts of radical government by subjugating characters to wearing handicaps that limit physical and mental abilities as well as outward appearance, thus creating a false sense of equality. In an effort for sameness, differences are unavoidable. The effort to avoid conflict by trying for equality makes for magnified conflict. Equality expresses a great idea that the world should extend and embrace; however, absolute equality, another issue in which too much of a worthy thing may cause matters to go wrong. Hazel being of average intelligence, does not wear handicaps. George on the other hand being above average is forced to wear a mental handicap in his ear for failing to remain of the lowest common denominator (The facts). George and Hazel, aware of their competitive advantage because they see the compensation apparatuses, continue to lack in full equality, as well as “the effort has not been to raise standards of those handicapped by their differences or inadequacies. Instead, those who are gifted with superior intellect, physical beauty, or strength are penalized.” (“Harrison Bergeron” vol. 8). Mental handicaps limit personal thought by interrupting the thought pattern, in order to make the most intelligent, George and Harrison, “totally equal” to the least intelligent, Hazel. Physical handicaps, similar to the ones the…

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