Analysis Of Kurt Vonnegut 's Harrison Bergeron Essay

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Donny woke shivering despite the many layers that adorned his thinning body. Small hands looking large due to multiple pairs of gloves pulled back the five blankets that weighed him down. He walked across his faux-gold floor and looked out the grimy window of his grey house. He should have been happy; it was his birthday after all. However, it was also the start of the third year of nuclear winter.
It is easy to comment on today’s political issues through an amusing and defensibly unrelated short story, and indeed this is what many of Kurt Vonnegut’s stories do. He crafts an argument that allows the reader to interpret his meaning as opposed to directly persuading them through an argumentative essay. Vonnegut took advantage of dystopian fiction, a subgenre of science fiction, and satire to create the cautionary short story Harrison Bergeron. The story takes place in 2081 and explores a world that practices extreme egalitarianism by handicapping anyone with an “unfair” advantage whether it be in physical strength, intelligence, or appearance. In addition to making satirical statements concerning America’s fear of socialism, Harrison Bergeron rejects the idea that “all men are created equal.” It suggests that inequality is an intrinsic part of humanity, and that trying to change it is an absurd and senseless goal.
Kurt Vonnegut uses dry dark humor create the absurdity in Harrison Bergeron that is crucial to his main messages. He describes the average intelligence of…

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