Essay about Analysis Of Kurt Vonnegut ' Jr.

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The short story Harrison Bergeron Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. is about a dystopian society in America were inequality has been diminished. The short emphasizes the idea of everyone is created equal. The setting in the story and the film 2081 by Chandler Tuttle is vague since its, George and Hazel Bergeron 's living room where they are watching TV. The year is 2081 the golden age of equality, possibly in the evening. The setting is impactful in the story because it represents the result of the equality movement. In the introduction of Generational Dynamics Cohen states “The First Turning is a High, an upbeat era of strengthening institutions and weakening individualism […]” (Cohen 1). Vonnegut’s story and Tuttle’s film illustrates the High era because society is weakening the strong and intelligent by making them wear handicaps. Furthermore, the society is trying to get the strong to the same physical and intellectual level as the weak. As a result, the story and film are weakening individualism to formulate the perfect, equal society. Bruce Pittman’s film adaptation of Harrison Bergeron portray a different setting. The film’s setting is Madison Rhode Island, a typical suburban town in the year 2053. The time resembles America in the 1950’s or 60’s. Instead of advancing in time, the society is going back in time. The setting impacts the story because it is also illustrating the High era. Harrison represent the strong and intelligent and society is trying to weaken him, which…

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