Analysis Of Kinsey 's ' The World Is Not Be Divided Into Sheep And Goats '

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As Kinsey points out (in regards to sexuality), “the world is not to be divided into sheep and goats. Not all things black nor all things white” (Kinsey, 1948). Kinsey’s revolutionary scale, as pointed out by Diamond (2008, p. 256), has been massively taken out of context and been divided into rigid “gay/lesbian, straight, and bisexual” categories. Despite Kinsey’s attempt to be anticategorical, we as a society seem to constrict ourselves to categories regardless. I speculate that this because it’s easier to wrap our heads around something if its under a strict category, rather than loosely “unlabeled”. We have subconsciously (or perhaps even consciously) divided ourselves in goats and sheep, and bound ourselves to strictly black and white categories. Anyone who lingers in the gray area is deemed inauthentic. This intrinsic struggle has plagued me for awhile, and I’m finally learning that it’s okay to be in the gray area. It’s okay not to know, even though as a college student I’m expected to have myself all figured out. People can’t even figure out the majors that determine their life-long careers, how on earth are we supposed to choose a life-long identity? We shouldn’t have to. Fluidity exists, and as Kinsey’s research demonstrates, is completely normal and okay; even if society is dead-set on deeming this notion abnormal and not okay. This notion within (and outside) the queer community disgraces the concept of the people in it being referred to, and calling…

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