Analysis Of ' King Odin 's Men ' Essay

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"On second thought, let 's swim to the far side if the lake. Get behind me and wrap your arms around my neck. I 'll take you for a ride." Percival did not want to panic Rion, and hoped he could get them out of the water and into a hiding spot in the woods.

But before Percival had the chance to make it more than a handful of strokes to the opposite shore, a voice shouted, "Halt there, you! Stop swimming and turn around."

Percival pressed his lips together into a thin line of concern and paddled around in a circle to face the men. Treading water, he peered at the trio, King Odin 's men, as evidenced by the black wolf 's head emblazoned on the gray surcoats covering their chainmail.

This was a damn bloody nightmare, facing Camelot 's enemy while in such a vulnerable position, and Percival could not come up with a reasonable plan to get Rion to safety. Totally at Odin 's men 's mercy, he cursed himself for not waiting for Gwaine to come along. All Percival could think to do now was beg, not for his own life, but Rion 's.

"I 'm scared." Rion tightened his grip on Percival.

Gods, so am I, thought Percival, but said, "Don 't worry. You 'll be home soon."

The tallest man on the shore, dark-haired with a long, full beard, beckoned with a wave of his left hand as the right one rested on his hilt of his sword. "Swim forth with the boy and don 't make any funny movements." With narrowed eyes, Odin 's knight glanced down at Percival 's folded clothes, which rested on a rock at the…

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