Analysis Of Kim Addonizio 's ' First Poem For You ' Essay

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Kim Addonizio’s sonnet “First Poem for You” is an examination of the ambivalence of the impermanence of love. In this poem, the imagery of the tattoos of the nameless speaker’s lover reveals the speaker’s uncertainty about the idea that her relationship may not last, which contrasts with the permanent nature of the tattoos themselves. This connection between the tattoos and the representation of the two lovers’ relationship is crucial to the poem’s theme of fear of love as a temporary experience. Ultimately, the imagery of the tattoos illustrates that although the speaker is afraid and uncertain about the impermanence of love, she will try to commit to her lover, regardless of the outcome of their relationship. The imagery of the tattoos highlights the speaker’s fear that her relationship with her lover may change into one of pain. The speaker states that the tattoos will last until the lover is “seared to ashes; whatever persists / Or turns to pain between [them], they will still / Be there” (11-13). As this quotation indicates, the tattoos are permanent and will still “be there” regardless of the complications that may arise between the two lovers. However, this permanence, in actuality, emphasizes the speaker’s uncertainty about her relationship, as it causes her to contemplate on their love changing into “pain.” Thus, their feelings towards each other are fluid and may change in the future, which causes the speaker anxiety. This change is juxtaposed with the idea that…

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