Analysis Of Kiki Magazine 's Target Market Essay

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Kiki magazine has a specific target market. It does this by making it clear to competitor that they are targeting young pre-teens ages 9 through 14. Kiki also assures that they are providing a distinguishable magazine, they do this by avoiding redundancy that typical magazines incorporate. For example many magazines targeted at teens tend to be about, fashion, celebrities, relationships and beauty, not to mention all the advertising included within the pages. While, there are other magazines targeted solely at education, which can be beneficial for pre-teen girls to be aware about there is not much interest by the targeted audience. What Kiki does is fuse beauty and education in one magazine providing a magnificent product that demonstrates to the targeted consumer that both beauty and education can go hand in hand.
However Kiki must conduct much research that is 100% honest and effective in order to insure that they have all the information that will make their product a success. There are two types of research that should be considered by any successful company, those being primary and secondary.
Primary data is by far the most beneficial to any company. This type of research/data is first hand, this type of data is collected directly from the people. To obtain primary data Kiki could potentially conduct survey’, interviews, or simply observe their targeted customers. (Young teen girls ages 9-14) By doing such research Kiki will gain firsthand knowledge as what to…

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