The Self To Death Kierkegaard Analysis

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‘A human being is spirit. But what is the spirit? Spirit is the self. But what is the self? The self is a relation that relates itself to itself or is the relations relating itself to itself or is the relations relating itself to itself in the relation.’ (Kierkegaards, The Sickness Unto Death P.13) Throughout this essay we will discuss in depth Kierkegaards two deep understandings of ‘The Self and Despair’.

The self is a means of trying to understand itself in the world today. This notion may be then considered to be contantly evovled around others and inflicted on with opinion. We as human beings are continously forced to reflect on the meaning and identity which places our idealisms in todays society. Thus allows us to compare and contrast
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We allow ourselves to find and form a sense of identity from our surrondings and also from the human characterisics in which we obtain throughout our human years. ‘A self has a certain consiousness of being a self’. “Most men live without ever becoming conscious of being destined as spirit-hence all so called security, contentment with life, etc, which is simply despair.” (Kierkegaard, The Sickness Unto Death, p.26). Kierkegaard understands that the self can be a process of beginning to experience consicousness, a process in which not every human being has the ability of connect with or grasping the underdstanding. We begin to lose sight of the real and true conception of life that it may have to offer. By constantly being dsurrounded with the hectic ongoings of everyday life, humans forget to stop and think about themselves. Who am I as a person? What am I doing with my life right this very second. According to Kierkegaard people do not allow themselves to think about the present. Human existence is about finding a unique place in ‘The Self’. It seems Kierkegaard describes that becomming trapped in other peoples ‘Self is easily done whcih leads to humans not being able to find their self shine through which then leads to becomming unaware of ‘The

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