Analysis Of Khaled Hosseini 's ' The Kite Runner ' Essay

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Richard von Weizsacker, a famous German politician, once said ¨Seeking to forget makes exile all the longer; the secret of redemption lies in remembrance.¨ This statement reveals that in order to achieve redemption and escape guilt, it is necessary to first accept and remember, rather than running away from the disgrace that caused said guilt in the first place. The longer it takes to remember means that more guilt that will bottle up and cause unwanted pain. So awful is this pain that Weizsacker recalls it as exile, a banishment from a happy, guilt-free life. Author Khaled Hosseini delves into the same idea of redemption being achieved after a long period of shame and regret. The main character, Amir, experiences a lifetime of guilt and shame that eats him away until he finally achieves redemption. In his novel, The Kite Runner, Hosseini uses the characterization of Amir throughout his journey to explore how jealousy corrupts friendship, creating a path of betrayal and guilt that can only be erased through forgiveness and redemption. The journey of Amir from his childhood to adulthood and his relationships along the way help illustrate this theme. From birth, Amir experiences jealousy caused by Hassan´s relationship with his father, Baba, which ultimately corrupts their friendship and leads to a consequential betrayal. Amir and Hassan grew up always being together, and even fed from the same breast, like brothers. They had a deep connection even though Hassan was just Amir…

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