Analysis Of Kevin Wilson's Short Story: Tunneling To The Awakening

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Tunneling to the Awakening

An awakening can lead to many things. Results such as finding out a person’s abilities or intentions. In Kevin Wilson’s collection of short stories, Tunneling to the Center of the Earth, Wilson brings characters to life and some of them have their own awakenings. When asked about his writing process, Wilson states that “I usually start with an image or a line and work from that, building a story to support it” (P.S. 10). One of these creative processing lines could be the word “awakening” since it seems to be a common theme throughout some stories such as “Grand Stand-In”, “Go, Fight, Win”, and “The Museum of Whatnot”. By having a catalyst and an epiphany these characters had a chance to have an awakening.
In “Grand
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Being in the job for years, Grammy was able to avoid singing it for a while, but something about the lullaby stuck. She starts thinking about it until she makes a decision. “I tell myself that it is purely to improve job performance, that I need this song to full establish my position as “grandmother”, but there is a small part of me that wants something else. I want to meet the grandmother” (pg 17). This is the start of her awakening. Grammy meets with the real grandmother and feels shocked that she discovers that not only the Beamers replaced the grandmother in Greta’s life, but hired a child to play the grandmother’s granddaughter which ignited a catalyst for Grammy. She meets with the Beamers to discuss the situation and after not liking what she was hearing she went through an epiphany and decided to get killed off. Grammy goes through an awakening and decides that she actually does have morals and can nt disconnect from her families as well as she thought she could. She leaves her job satisfied knowing she did the right thing. ““I love all my grandchildren exactly the same.” Which is the truest thing I’ve ever said” (pg …show more content…
Penny feels awkward in many situations due to not being able to connect with any of her peers since their hobbies differ greatly from hers. After a while she begins to notice a boy in her neighborhood and asks about him to her other neighbors. She becomes more intrigued upon learning of what an outcast he is while still being mysterious. Having a few meetings with the twelve year old boy Penny begins to feel a sort of attraction to him. “She wanted to rest her head on his shoulder, but she didn’t” (pg 144). Soon after she begins a secret relationship with the boy while dealing with her mother and friend group to remain “social”. The boy ends up trying to impress Penny one day through fire and it quickly turns disastrous injuring himself and Penny. The fire injures both Penny and the boy greatly, but ends up being a catalyst. Penny ends up looking at herself after the accident looking at her swollen hands and crisped hair. She goes through an epiphany/awakening and decides to cut off the rest of her hair. “When Penny looked at herself she was quietly happy to see that she liked how she appeared” (pg 162). This indicates that she was awakened and finally can become comfortable with

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