Analysis Of Kendrick Lamar 's Swimming Pools Essay

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Key Term: Intoxicated
Definition: To be under the influence of a substance and lose control of yourself/ your actions and decisions
Reading Analysis: Kendrick Lamar’s “Swimming Pools”, demonstrates the term intoxicated completely. In the song, Lamar gets so intoxicated by alcohol he begins to do things that he normally wouldn’t do. In his line, “The freedom is granted as soon as the damage of vodka arrived”, demonstrates this. He begins to lose control of all his inhibitions and gains the freedom to do many things without fear. He is losing control of his rational mind as he continues to drink, therefore he isn’t in control of himself. Also, the song is title “Swimming Pools” and Lamar makes many references to drowning in a swimming pool. For example, “If I take another one down, I’ma drown in some poison, abusin’ my limit. “ The references he gives brings to mind a visual image of a person drowning and this directly relates to being under the influence. A drowning person is gasping for air trying to main control of their actions (their breathing), but they eventually lose the fight for their life. The water consumes them. Even if they don’t want to die, that is not their decision anymore. They lost themselves to the water. Overall, he continuously shows that intoxication causes one to lose control of oneself.
Key Term: Death
Definition: the inescapable termination of something (an event, a person, etc.) that will happen no matter what.
Reading Analysis: Many people fear…

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