Analysis Of Ken Davis 's Speech Essay

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Review 1: Ken Davis, How to Speak to Youth and Keep them Awake at the Same Time (Zondervan, 1996).
In How to Speak to Youth, Ken Davis shares pearls of wisdom about communicating to modern youth. The keys to his presentations are “planning, practice, care and dependence on God.” He shares three truths about communicating effectively: “Very Hard Work”, “Learning”, and “Passion.” Preparation to communicate includes “preaching with the example”, knowing your audience, avoid imitation of other speakers, commit to God’s glory and not your own exaltation. Davis proposes the SCORRE method to plan a speech: Choose a Subject, define a Central theme, set an Objective, identify a Rationale (what is the point of your message?), add Resources (frosting to the cake), and Evaluation (check your speech again). SCORRE is a preparation method, but not a delivery model—the foundation of a speech “building.” Davis also emphasizes the investment of time and preparation for a speech and to let it “ferment” as an aged wine. Time is a neglected part of speech-making. This should include the use of a powerful introduction, stories/illustrations, notes/outlines, refining, and practice. Part of speech preparation includes verification of the physical environment where the speech is to take place (if possible) to avoid communication obstacles.
The second part of the book focuses on speech delivery. Davis explains that in the opening speech, the audience decides if a speaker is worth listening.…

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