Analysis Of Kathryn Stockett 's The Help Essay

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Respect; it’s a word that is used daily. 365 days a year, someone somewhere is talking about the principles of respect. What principles? To listen to each other, to treat everyone equally, the idea that everyone has a voice, so on and so on. In The Help, written by Kathryn Stockett, the principles of respect are front and centre, and being analysed with every sentence written. The Help takes place in and explores the lifestyle of 1962 Jackson Mississippi. It explores the relationships of characters involved in this story which are interesting and eye-opening. Readers get to see the truth of what happened in the 60’s with people of colour; readers get to see how disrespectful some people were to people of colour. The Maids who are narrating parts of the story go through hell each and every day as they are treated like animals each day they go to work. Throughout the story, and sometimes in today’s society, the following theory is true: In a society where people are separated by the colour of their skin, people treat those who are different than them with disrespect.

To begin, those who are of colour are living in poor economic standards. At the beginning of the novel, when Aibileen is narrating, she is talking about some of her past jobs, and she begins to describe the logistics of being a maid to a white person, particularly Miss Leefolt. Aibileen then talks about her pay with Miss Leefolt. She says “Miss Leefolt don’t pay but ninety-five cents an hour, less than I been…

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