Analysis Of Kathryn Moeller 's Article ' Whiteness And An Era Of Trump ' Where Do Go From Here?

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Kathryn Moeller’s 2016 article “Whiteness in an era of Trump: Where Do Go From here?” inquires upon the arisen political situation in America and it’s peoples views. She acknowledges the well-intentioned white americans who have become outraged and ashamed by how much support Trump has received during this election, in which she states he has displayed, a blatantly racist attitude towards coloured communities. It is due to this attitude, that the white working and middle class Americans are feeling uncomfortable as they 've grown accustomed to seeing politicians speak about racist ideas in a more lightly fashion. Moeller implies that Trump and his followers represent a long history of systems that have ultimately been created to benefit white americans and describes three measures that may push towards the dismantling of the current political and economic intertwining structures.

Moeller writes;

‘The wolf is of our own creation and it reflects the benefits and privileges we have all accrued. This historical moment of increasing economic inequality and its devastating effects on white working class and middle class have simply brought this wolf and white radicalised anxiety of its followers into light’

By admitting responsibility for the blame on behalf of ‘us all’ she intends to build a rapport with the reader to create a level of similarity between both white working and middle class Americans despite the unequal positions. It seems she is presuming readers are of…

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