Analysis Of Kathleen Duval 's Independence Lost Essay

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Since the beginning of American history power relations have played a very important aspect within the country’s development. From initial English settler colonialism spanning towards the American Revolution, a so called “multi-perspectival” approach must be taken when dealing with the complicated and intertwining stories each group of people represents. Various African Americans, Native Americans, and European Americans all conflicted, and aided, each other within the ebb and flow these power relations instigated. From these groups, several ultimately reaped major benefits while the remainders were simply cast aside. However, each of these groups played independent and important roles within the overall development and outcome of the war. In Kathleen Duval’s Independence Lost the author focuses on the certain forces, circumstances, and choices that drove these groups of people towards which side to join in the conflict. Instead of a two-sided one dimensional argument most history books portray the American Revolution as, I will follow in Kathleen Duval’s footprints to build upon her opening argument characterized by the vast shift that can be viewed through American power relations.
Since the first eruption of European Settlerism within the the new world, problems have occurred. With the influx of these new “European Americans” a whole new sect of political and ethical issues arose. Evidently enough, when the American revolution started, these people split up and took…

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