Essay on Analysis Of Katherine Mansfield 's ' The Garden Party '

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The Garden Party Theme analysis The Garden Party by Katherine Mansfield is a story which discusses the effects of isolation, economic class, and personal growth. As society tends to place boundaries on what is acceptable and what is not. One is often forced to decide for themselves whether to conform to the pressures of society or to resist and determine their own destiny. Evidence of pure pressure and internal acceptance are displayed throughout the story.

Mansfield introduces the concept of class and money as a major theme. She divides the “wealthy” and the “working” class into two groups. Mansfield comprises through the different classes through the central character Laura, a young-girl who comes from a family that is within a higher social status. The story develops from Lauras anticipation for The Garden Party. As Laura’s excitement grew for the party, her awareness of those who are not in a higher social status also becomes more apparent. Laura begins to develop an interest in the working class and “how extraordinary [the] nice work men were”(Mansfield 64), she even opts to referring to her self as a “working -girl”. Laura’s character in the story displays her curiosity of the of the different societies as well as her attempt in discovering where she belongs.

The Garden Party is a story which clearly displays the struggles of a young girl maturing, and attempting to finding herself as a young women within a split society . The first…

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