Analysis Of Kate Harwood 's ' The Violets ' Essay

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Harwood equivalently intertwines the concepts of love and life with death and loss throughout her body of work. Through this, she is able to convey the significance of living life in the moment without fear and embracing all aspects of an individual’s journey to overcome life’s difficult truisms. Gwen Harwood reinforces her belief of one needing to confront death and loss to truly appreciate love and life. The poem At Mornington connects love and life with death and loss explicitly referring to them both equally thought the poem in order to show the journey of the persona. Similarly, The Violets shows the journey of acceptance loss and death through life and love making both parts evenly essential in her body of work.
The free verse poem, At Mornington, highlights the significance of memories with loved ones in nourishing life and conveys a pro-life message of seizing the day whilst exploring the journey of being. Harwood fluidly intertwines the motif of water throughout her body of work to represent the cherishing, cycle and creation of life. Water is used in “more than enough to refresh us” to show the significance of living life in the moment with what you have and sharing life with loved ones. The use of synecdoche and metonymy in “dreams, pain, memories, love and grief” is also used to equate the whole experience of life. By consistent referencing to the beauty of life and memories of loved ones we can see the significance the concepts of love and life play in…

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