Analysis Of Kate Chopin 's ' The Awakening ' Essay

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1. The Awakening – Kate Chopin
a. Plot: Edna Pontellier along with her husband, Leonce, and children visit Grande Isle, a vacation spot for well-to-do Creoles. Edna, a white woman, is surprised by the openness of feelings and sharing at this Creole vacation spot. Here, she meets Robert Lebrun. Robert and Edna develop a budding sexual, romantic relationship during the time on the island. Edna enjoys the freedom and control of the relationship in contrast to her relationship with her husband. Leonce views Edna as the mother of his child and more of an object of his than a partner. Edna and Robert develop a stronger relationship, and he teaches her to swim. After leaving the island and returning to New Orleans, Edna has trouble accepting her place as mother and keeper of the house. She decides to move out to assert her own freedom while sending her children to their paternal grandmother. In New Orleans, Edna longs for Robert, but he stays away, going to Mexico. Edna to assert her independence both starts painting and starts a relationship with playboy Alcee Arobin. This relationship is mostly sexual and allows Edna control. Robert comes back to New Orleans. Though he wants her, Robert is focused on societal expectations and does not consent to a relationship. Edna devastated returns to Grand Isle. The island where she found her sexuality and freedom becomes the very island where this kills her. Devastated she cannot live the life she wants, Edna swims out into the sea. She…

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