Analysis Of Kate Chopin 's ' Desiree 's Baby ' Essay

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There is a time in history were people were not accepted for who they were, especially by the color of an individual 's skin. The same chances were not presented to those who were of a darker complexion. Two different plots with the same concept that shed light to a situation where pretending seemed to be the only way out of the hardships of what life had to offer for blacks. “The Imitation of Life” one of the greatest movies of the 1950 's era with a strong message and a tear jerking ending. Kate Chopin gives her audience another critical, yet, mysterious story in “Desiree 's Baby.” Both the movie and story introduces the subject of colored people passing as white in a society where blacks were not accepted to be anything other than slaves or maids. With different plots between film and story the outcomes were similar to each other.
The film depicted the struggles of two single mothers; one white and one black. However, the movie goes into a deeper portrayal on race, self-hatred, learning acceptance and tragedy. Although, these two mothers have a common ground they are very different. Lora Meredith who is a struggling actress meets Annie Johnson who is homeless with her daughter, Sarah Jane. Mistaken by Lora that Annie is the help that cares for Sarah Jane, it was a big stereotypical assumption because Sarah Jane was light skinned and could pass as being Caucasian. It was normal for children to have a black caregiver, while the child 's parents worked in those times. Lora…

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