Analysis Of Kar 's Dance Nationals Essay

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KAR’s dance nationals

The day started with my stomach tied in knots, after practicing all year and multiple regional competitions the day was finally here for our dance nationals. We had done well in our regionals but most of the girls and guys on our competition team had never competed in a national competition before. We arrived to the convention center greeted by our dance teacher Mrs.Tonya, with a pep talk to kick off the morning we walked in the front doors into a competition like no other. We walk in to see the convention center we have competed in many times, draped in lights from corner to corner. Just by walking in the door you could sense the tension in the air between the dance moms, nervous girls and guys, and dance teachers making their dancers run their numbers countless times.

This specific competition was so important to Mrs.Tonya and we could tell just by her pep talks and the way she gets frustrated with us if she seen us doing any of our three dances not full out. Our competition team practices two days a week and three hours each day. That much practice time with the same 26 girls and guys we turned into our own little family, starting with an awesome win for our 5-7 year old little girls we were hyped up and ready for our chance on the stage later that night. The more we would watch the other studios the more nervous my friend Sarah would get, Sarah is a little younger than me and looks up to her older sister and I for guidance especially…

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